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A new startup is born

In November 2016, Karino KANG and Alan CHAUVIN joined forces to create Leviathan Dynamics : a new GreenTech company whose ambition is to put on the market a new chiller technology which is more environment friendly and more efficient than conventional solutions.



Joining the Arts&Métiers ParisTech incubator

Leviathan Dynamics is proud to announce its integration to Arts&Métiers ParisTech incubator : the only parisian incubator who selects in priority hardware start-ups.



New communication channels to follow us

We have reinforced our digital communication with the opening of the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts where you can now follow us. The website also gains a new visual identity.
Founded in 2016, Leviathan Dynamics is a young innovative company dedicated to revolutionize the production of cold for industrial applications. Our goal is to replace all fluorinated gas based refrigeration systems with more environmental friendly and more efficient solutions. We believe we can bring back together mankind progress and respect of environment by making industry greener.
Today's technology is harmful for the environment
Industrial chillers intensively use fluorinated gases. These gases are very harmful for the environment. 1kg of fluorinated gas has the same global warming potential (GWP) as 9.4 tons of CO2 during 20 years and 3.5 tons of CO2 during 100 years. It represents one-third of industrial greenhouse gas rejection (energy excluded).
All over the world, governments and institutions are trying to ban the use of high GWP fluorinated gas. Europe has already stated in a firm resolution its will to ban the use of such fluorinated gas. Asian countries are becoming more and more concerned by the problem of fluorinated gas.
It is just a question of time before fluorinated gas will be banned all over the world. Other than being a polluting solution, choosing a cooling or heating solutions that uses fluorinated gas is a risky investment.
Our technology : Water as a refrigerant
We are using the most natural refrigerant in the world : water! Every good thermodynamic specialist knows that water can be used as a refrigerant. They also know that using it is very tricky. But tricky doesn't mean impossible.
New technologies has made possible and economically sustainable a solution that was prejudiced too complex in the beginning of the refrigeration era. And not only water can be used as a refrigerant, it also has better efficiency than most fluorinated refrigerant. And its environmental neutrality makes it possible to optimize the thermodynamic cycle in such ways that, for the same operating conditions, we can expect efficiency 30% higher than for conventional solutions.
What We Do
Industrial Chillers
We manufacture high efficiency industrial chiller which is using the most natural of all refrigerant : Water!
In addition to being environmental friendly, our technology is 30% more efficient than common industrial chiller.
They are designed to last 15 years and they are easy to maintain due to the fact that there is no specific regulation applicable for the manipulation of the water refrigerant.
We design our chiller so their lifetime, if correctly maintained, can go up to 15 years. We propose remote condition monitoring of our chiller at affordable price and a complete warranty service which includes all spare parts from day one to decommissioning.
And if 15 years of lifetime is not enough, we guarantee a complete refurbishment of the chiller which can extend the service contract under the same condition as if the chiller was a new one.
To use water as a refrigerant, we have designed a unique water vapor vacuum compressor. Because we are commited to remove all fluorinated based chiller from the market, we will help all partner who wants to change from fluorinated-based solutions to water-based solutions by proposing them our unique compressor.
In order to provide our technology on the global industrial market, we propose a complete training on our technology to chiller manufacturers. This training will allow them to correctly use our compressor and to design thermodynamic cycle considering all requirements of using water as a refrigerant. This will enable them to design their own water based chiller.
Our Team
Karino KANG
Karino is co-founder and CEO of Leviathan Dynamics. He is a specialist in fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. With more than 7 years of experience in the industry, he decided to use his knowledge and his capacity to build something new, innovative, and most of all, something that can help improve our relation to the environment.
Alan is co-founder and CTO of Leviathan Dynamics. With a combination of skills in mechanical engineering and control theory, he defines the technical and scientific strategy of new products. His background in collaborative R&D projects is an asset to build complex projects with industrial partners. Animated by the desire to contribute to a better world, innovation is the core of his motivation.
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