Treatment of wastewater from cleaning of machined parts
Wastewater from Machined Parts Cleaning

Using water to wash machine parts after each chemical treatment is very important in the manufacturing process as it helps to avoid chemical cross-contamination in the rinse and to clean the surface of the components during subsequent production steps.

The rinsing water discharged from machine parts can result in high costs from wastewater disposal treatments and chemicals cleaning. In some cases, rinsing water may also be stored in containers for collection by contract treatment companies. Nowadays, manufacturing specifications require clean components, hence, component parts coming out of the system need to be clean and free from oil residue. The quality of rinsing water during the production process also needs to be guaranteed.

Recycling the rinsing water allows to reduce the amount of water usage and saves company significant money by cutting down on wastewater treatment cost. However, it is difficult for manufacturers to treat wastewater on their own that meets the stringent standards in order to reuse it. As a result, industrial plants still generate large amounts of wastewater in daily high working flow.

Turbevap is an optimal solution to this problem. Using our distillation evaporator system, substances such as oil sludge and detergent are condensed, and the water will evaporate and escape into the condenser until there is no more water in the wastewater. The vapor after being extracted and condensed can be reused again for production processes as clean water.