Treatment of wastewaster from vessel cleaning
Vessels Cleaning Water
Vessel should be cleaned after each containing chemical to avoid cross-reactivity when reused after. The wash-down water produced when cleaning vessels may contain different kinds of chemicals such as oil, chlorine, copper, zinc, phosphates, ammonia, biofouling, or any other solutions contained in it. All of these have detrimental and accumulative impacts on water quality. All liquids used for vessels cleaning and disinfection should be handled with care. Instead of discharging wash water with toxic substances in the water to the outside. Wastewater can be purified for reuse or to reduce the number of toxics that go with the water into groundwater and sewer systems.

Turbevap evaporator is a very efficient solution for wastewater treatment from vessel cleaning. Along with high operational reliability of Turbevap, water will evaporate and drain into the condenser until there is no more water in the wastewater. Toxic chemicals in wastewater will be deposited after the evaporation process, and the quality of distilled water is consistently guaranteed. The clean water obtained can be reused in production activities, or it will at least not harm the environment if released to the outside.