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What is Mechanical Vapor Compression?

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The core of every MVC process is the compressor.

Global Warming is happening. We have to adapt to warmer climate and mitigate our environmental footprint.

Clean Water is becoming a scarce ressource.

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A new startup is born

In November 2016, Karino KANG and Alan CHAUVIN joined forces to create Leviathan Dynamics : a new GreenTech company whose ambition is to put on the market a new chiller technology which is more environment friendly and more efficient than conventional solutions.



Joining the Arts&Métiers ParisTech incubator

Leviathan Dynamics is proud to announce its integration to Arts&Métiers ParisTech incubator : the only parisian incubator who selects in priority hardware start-ups.



New communication channels to follow us

We have reinforced our digital communication with the opening of the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts where you can now follow us. The website also gains a new visual identity.