Treatment of wastewater from die casting mold
Mold Coating Lubricant Treating With Mechanical Vapour Compression Process
Aluminum die-casting molds are used in automobiles and many other products, and most of the molds are made from non-ferrous metals, namely zinc, copper, magnesium, and aluminum alloys. During high-pressure casting, the molten metal is pumped into the mold cavity under pressure. This process is suitable for high production speeds and size-precise mass production with an excellent surface finish. Most of the molds used for high-pressure die casting are typically cooled with water or air. Molten metal usually enters the mold under the action of hydraulic ram. After each casting, light lubrication is applied to the mold.

Coolant emulsions or lubricants can be treated by Turbevap wastewater evaporator. The vapor can be condensed and distilled from the used coolant emulsions wastewater itself. Concentrated residues heavy metal compounds will be deposited, meanwhile, the water will evaporate and escape into the condenser until there is no more water in the wastewater. The vapor after being extracted and condensed can be reused again for production processes as clean water.